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I help individuals and their employers pursue job satisfaction and health at work.


Meet Claire

My journey to coaching wasn’t linear, as is true for many worthwhile ventures. I certainly didn’t predict this career for myself while growing up, or even when I was in college. In fact, coaching wasn’t really a “thing” back then, outside of sports. But I can confirm, without hesitation, that this is what I am meant to be doing. Coaching allows me to share in other folks’ exhilarating moments of release from the confinement of expectation, and nothing beats that!


My Services


Hope & Wonder

Career Coaching

Through a fun, affordable, and accessible coaching process, I help clients clarify their work objectives, help clear out whatever has been blocking the way forward, and then support clients to enact plans to achieve their goals. 

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CBM Consultation

Disability & Vocational Rehabilitation Management

I support employees to recover from illness or injury, and then return successfully to work at their pre-disability job, or if that isn’t possible, a new position elsewhere. Successful returns to work are critical for employee health, but also the health of the organizations in which they work. Services offered from North Vancouver, accessible virtually anywhere!

Happy Woman


I initially came to coaching rather hesitantly as I was unsure whether or not it could help me. Before beginning this coaching experience, I was full of self-doubt, anxiety, and overwhelmed with the prospect of beginning a new chapter in my life. Within the first 2 sessions with Claire, I could feel excitement and confidence for the first time in years. The tools that I have gained through working with Claire are invaluable and I will use them for the rest of my life.

This has truly been a life-changing experience.

Happy Woman


We cannot say enough wonderful things about working with Claire! We were completely overwhelmed by the prospect of finding a rental property in Vancouver, especially because we wanted to secure a place before arriving... and then along came Claire!! Within three days we had signed a lease on a perfect rental in a dream location that checked off our entire wishlist.


We truly could not have done it without her.

Client Love

My Client Portfolio

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