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Hope & Wonder

Career Coaching

When was the last time you felt truly connected and engaged at work? Or felt like you were in the right place, doing what you were truly meant to do? If it’s been a long time, or in fact, you have never felt that way, then Career Coaching with Hope and Wonder can help. 


Career Coaching with Claire Benson-Mandl helps clients move from feeling stuck, uninspired, and/or bored by work to feeling motivated, engaged, and fulfilled. I offer an in-depth, collaborative process that uncovers clients’ best-fit careers, and develops practical plans to move forward. My approach is personalized, fun, and engaging, informed by over 25 years’ experience and training but without feeling formal or clinical. I start with where you are now and together we will map out what’s next.

My process fully explores the many facets that have an impact on work decisions:

There are two other essential factors to moving forward that go way beyond this list. The first is JOY. Through coaching, we will explore questions like

  • Where is joyfulness located in your life now?

  • Where was it in the past?

  • How can joy be returned and woven into your daily life at work?


The second key is coming to understand how your own ingrained, unconscious beliefs about yourself and work get in the way of making lasting change happen. 

I Offer Three Individual Packages:


Single Sessions


Three Sessions

For $495

10 Sessions

For $1550

I Offer One Online Group Package:

Fists in Solidarity_edited.jpg

6 online small group sessions

90min each

next session TBD

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